About Us


Welcome to Baller Kidz!! My name is Mario and this little guy next to me is my baby brother Donovan. I have been playing basketball since I was 4 yrs old. I am now 10 and have already won three championships in two different age groups and have achieved 3 consecutive league MVP award. I am a good player and with a lot of hard work and dedication I know I will be great. I believe ...  I Got Next. The  Next opportunity to be better than I was yesterday. The next  young individual to set an example for my peers, but most of all the next young man to make a name for myself in the game of basketball.

My brother, well lets just say he looks up to me and already he is learning the game of basketball. However, he is just 2.....until then he will be... The Dream Catcher.

For the love of basketball and the dream to build our own brand, with the help of our parents we present to you Baller Kidz. Our goal is to design apparel to motivate, inspire, and support the younger  generation to not  just be good, but great in whatever it is their heart desire. Please support us and purchase some of our cool apparel today!

Mario & Donovan

Baller Kidz